Healing hearts. Changing lives. Transforming nations.


She is pursuing the heart of her Father and an intimate love relationship with Jesus.

She is discovering her purpose and her true identity.

She is growing in authority and purpose. She is the Bride of Christ. She is making herself ready.

Unveiled is a Restoring the Foundations Healing House ministry team located in Hamilton, ON. Their passion is to help believers receive the deep and permanent healing and freedom that Christ bought for us at the Cross.

Here are a few Testimonies

Healing hearts. Changing lives. Transforming nations.

“I was stuck in a destructive cycle despite the many avenues I pursued. RTF severed my roots that I had for almost 40 years to the day. RTF gave me the tools for ongoing freedom in all areas of my Christian life. Even nine months after my ministry I am breathing in fresh new life of Jesus every day. I am so thankful!”

-M. from Hamilton 

“When I received Issue Focused Ministry I went in expecting to see fruit in my life, and I did, but I couldn’t have anticipated the fruit that I would see. It was so amazing, that I followed this up with the 15 hour format ministry, and years later, the fruit of this ministry is still evident in my life. I loved the time spent in the ministry room, but the tools I left with are invaluable moving forward.”

-L. from Hamilton

“Even as I was growing in the knowledge of God and His Word, I continued to struggle with many emotional issues that were preventing me from developing a trusting, personal relationship with Jesus. Receiving RTF ministry was an inward journey with Holy Spirit revealing insights into my ungodly belief systems, and He replaced those lies with His truth. I finally began to get meaning from the scriptures that talk about the freedom I have in Christ.”

-B. from Hamilton