What We Offer

Personal Ministry

• Thorough Format Ministry, consisting of five 3 hour sessions, over a 4 – 10 day period.  Ministry focus is on the whole of a person’s life.  

• Issue Focused Ministry, consisting of one 3 hour session. Ministry focus is on one issue in a person’s life. 

• Please contact us for our suggested contribution amounts, if you would like to receive ministry, or for any further information. Phil 4:19


If you would like to receive personal ministry, please click here to download our questionnaires and waiver.




Hope Healing and Freedom  - A one-day interactive seminar that introduces you to Restoring The Foundations Ministry.  You will receive teaching, healing, and activation as you learn and apply the principles of RTF. Includes some corporate ministry.  Cost - $10. The workbook will be provided.

You will be asked to:

Register online 

Invest 7 hours of time

Come with an open heart ready to receive


See our events page for upcoming seminars.  If you would like to host a seminar or would like information about training, please contact us.