Who We Are

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     We are a group of individuals who have a passion to raise up the next generation.  We believe that our role is to work with parents to train 

and equip children to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to make Him known. Children can impact their world for good now while they are still young.

They have the same Holy Spirit inside them and the purity of their faith is truly inspiring. They need to be valued within the Kingdom of God and we need to make a place for them to be heard!


    It is our true delight to teach children how to hear God’s voice, study His Word and unpack the treasures within each of them.

The Founders

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Deeds J. Irwin

Jennifer Williams

  • We believe that Lord Jesus Christ is awesome lover of all humanity, that He died to free us all from sin. He has triumphed over death, hell and the grave.

  • He is not only our redeeming Saviour but our Lord and Master. We seek His guidance in all we do and trust Him to order our steps.  He is not someone we are trying to fit into our busy lives, He is the center piece, the raison d’etre.


  • We believe that the whole Bible is God breathed. The Bible is so jam packed full of life-giving wisdom that anyone who earnestly seeks for answers from Him will find them.


  • We desire to partner with the Lord to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  In Him, we have everything we need.  We are called to disciple nations.

The Journey

     Like many journeys, they really have a very long history until the fullness of time comes and you see the hand of the Lord begin to bring all the wonderful facets of our lives together to focus on one thing.  This one thing is incapsulated in Lionsgate.


     Some people’s destinies, like the prophet Samuel is obvious from day one and others are more like Moses, after much training in the courts of Pharoah finds himself tending sheep in Midian for forty years until the famous suddenly – the burning bush revelation of what the Lord had prepared him for.  There is every length variation in between but through it all the Lord is watching, working, and waiting.  Though often unbeknownst to us, His invisible hand is lovingly, carefully forming the vessel crafted for His special purposes.  Never lose hope.  He is not finished with any of us.


     We currently are gathering with a group of awesome homeschool children and their parents.  The foundation that we build begins and continues with

the truth that the most important thing is a living connection with the Lord.  Hence, the key scripture in our training is found

in John 10:27 “Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them and they follow me.” (KJV) 


     Children need to know and experience Him for themselves.  Having their parents or community tell them about God is great but Jesus Christ needs to become their personal Lord through encountering Him.  


     With knowing Jesus as the main purpose, we have been laying a framework based on Hebrews 6: 1-3.  We believe that these are the foundation stones that need to be firmly established.  We work together with each family to make these living stones in their foundation and not

just dead, religious doctrines.  


     Repentance and faith towards God are firmly established at this point (the first two truths the scripture above).

Next, we focused on perseverance and perspective which we had not finished when all of us were put on a global 2020 pause.  I feel like we were positioned to enter the promised land.  We were peering eagerly across the river into the potential of the beyond.  We were dealing with mindsets and how we can be free of grasshopper thinking.  If we can deal with the limiting thinking now in our children, they will believe and achieve so much more.  


     We are excited to jump back into our journey and cross over into the promised land together this September 2020!