The Dream

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act 

But also dream, not only plan but also believe.”  

– Anatole France

     We know that all things are possible to those who believe.  We also know that this is beyond our abilities and we want to take each step forward

with divine guidance.  We are dreaming with God for an actual Lionsgate Equipping Center set in the Foothills along with some community businesses and recreational facilities.


     The first phase of the development will be to build the Spiritual and Educational Training Center.  This will consist of a unique prayer journey

environment and meditation area called Encounter. The goal is to prioritize daily spending time with the Lord in prayer and listening to Him.  We want our relationship with Him to become the highlight of everyday, so that we can operate out of His fullness. 


     Attached to that will be a praise and worship area, known as Exaltation.  Included in that area will be the potential for a dance studio and a recording studio.  


     We see those two spaces, namely Encounter and Exaltation as the center piece to all success.  We are really excited to discover the outcome of raising a generation, whose spirits have been blessed from infancy and nurtured into adulthood. 


     The spaces we envision for education and discovery will be known as Explore.  Explore Art will include a large area for artists to create.  Providing stations for various kinds of artistic expression will provide opportunities which are usually more challenging in a home environment.  Explore Science will be as broad as the imagination.  This will be based on what the parents of the community would most appreciate.  It will also be designed with the future in mind.  


     We will offer classes in these spaces during the year and they will also be rentable for people in the community.  For the Homeschool Community, specific learning experiences that augment curriculum will be available or classrooms they can use for projects they are working on with others. We want these hands-on learning environments to be fun and designed with

children in mind.  Light, colour, creativity in design enhances learning.


     From personal experience we know how much mothers/fathers need some downtime on this journey of parenting, so we are building a whole Relax, Restore and Renew wing with self-care in mind.  While children are being equipped, they can take a break.  Grab a java or smoothie and visit in the connection zone or take your beverage to the library to read something you never seem to have time for. Or go listen to healing frequency music over in the Encounter zone.  This leads to the next phase of the Lionsgate dream.  


     In this second phase, we develop a symbiotic relationship with businesses that have space on the land and have chosen to be part of the community.  We will benefit from having experts in different fields impart their knowledge to the next generation and they will benefit economically by providing the same.


     This is missing in the current educational template.  We believe this to be a vital role in the educating and equipping of the next generation.  It really takes a tribe and we desire for as many gifts in the Body of Christ to be able to impart what they carry. 


    The third phase is focused on the greater surrounding community.

    The potential exists for horseback riding, a Par Core Park, community

gardens, or fitness facilities.  We definitely plan to build a theatre for Friday night “Movies with a Message” so that families in the community can relax, be inspired and connect without the concern of what their children will be exposed to. 


     At the very core of our humanity is a need for life giving community.  We were made for connection.  May this community become a safe haven for many, a refuge where what each person carries is needed and celebrated.