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Daylon always had an insatiable thirst for business and has never set foot off the entrepreneurial path ever since he started his first business venture at the age of twelve.


Ten years on, and now twenty-two, Daylon has matured into a decisive and influential individual who is traveling Canada and the US seventy-five percent of the time. He’s an experienced businessman and leader that strives to remain youthful, vibrant and innovative when it comes to lifestyle and his attitude to the world.


Daylon is a young man with ambition, drive, and commitment to everything he does. He’s been recently recognized as one of Canada’s Youngest Publishers and Producer of Marketing and Distribution. Daylon has been fortunate enough to work on over two thousand projects with companies that are estimated to be worth over fifty million dollars.


Daylon is known for his remarkable innovation and genuine integrity; over the last eight years, he’s organized successful funding campaigns that have raised over two hundred fifty thousand dollars for non-profits, churches, and ministries across Canada. He takes strong inspiration from philanthropists from all over the world and truly believes in the value of charity. 


Daylon should rightly be proud of what he’s achieved in life so far and is always looking to expand in new opportunities. He has sharpened his skillset along the way and is gifted in strategic planning, budgeting, launching and promoting successful products, projects, and events. The people Daylon has worked with are always more than happy to provide references; by inspiring others, Daylon brings the best out of people on any project; with one such person sharing these words: “Daylon is such a brilliant young man, he works hard and inspires me to pursue my dreams. I couldn’t do it without him!”


Daylon’s background is relatively humble, and he takes that with him in all his business endeavours. He’s a family man who was raised by a single mother; he cherishes those strong family values of hard work, honesty, and integrity and it is clear it rubs off on others around him. 


Daylon loves connecting with new people in all sorts of industries and walks of life. He’s recognized as many different things, having held many positions but most importantly Daylon is a Motivational Speaker, a Mentor, and an Entrepreneur. 

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