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Spirit-Led Parenting

Shirley Robinson



Childlike Heist

Justin Wiesinger


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Why Lord Series

Wendy Payne

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Soul Restored

Pam Dyck



The Lords Prayer

Nellie O'Hara

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Shirley Robinson

Spirit-Led Parenting


Pam Dyck

Soul Restored

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Inspiration at it's finest–An author tribute.

You can make anything by writing.

– C.S. Lewis

Wendy P.

Author of What Just Happened and

Lord, Why Is My Marriage Not Like Theirs?

"He is simply phenomenal. Daylon is a faithful man of the Lord and a huge asset to our team. He is incredible at what he does and I can count on him for anything in a timely matter, his advice is always sound, too. Daylon is a blessing to everyone." ​

Miranda B.

Author of Enemies of Your Dreams and

Artist of Resonate.

"My friend, publisher and media director Daylon C. Clark. You have been a gift from heaven to me in this season, and I would not have wanted to do this season without you. Your depth of wisdom and anointing has been invaluable."

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